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The WAT A Bag Certification is an instructional workshop and certification designed to prepare the fitness professional to insert and utilize the WAT A Bag training concept as part of their arsenal of fitness modalities.  The workshop will bridge the science and benefits of using the patented dual compartment technology with the practical competencies in mastering it.  Each participant will leave with the ability to cue, demo and instruct over 50 fundamental exercises of which many are proprietary to the bag itself.  In addition, each participant will learn progressions and regressions built into proper program design for each individual client or for group training.  Come and get on the cutting edge of utilizing the WAT A Bag within your facility.

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We guarantee that your workouts with WAT A BAG will be effective, safe and fun. Increase your visibility in a gym or at outdoors boot camps using the bags. More new clients for you or return it for a full refund and keep bonus the "WAT A BAG 8 weeks boot camp" e-book and the brochure with exercises.

It would be advantageous for you to have a fitness equipment that can assist in a multitude of exercises and is portable for travel. WAT A BAG can be used as a primary fitness tool or as a supplement to any other existing fitness devices and programs.

WAT A BAG is durable and has a plurality of handles which makes the device capable of more than 500 different variations of exercises.

WAT A BAG is an air and water filled bag for working out that adjusts in weight and can be compacted for easy transport.


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